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What is Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Certification?

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is only globally acceptable internal audit certification awarded by Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). CIA course prepares candidates through extensive testing on internal auditing so as to apply that knowledge, skill and expertise in real organizational scenarios. Successful passing CIA certification means that you have gain extensive professional experience and expertise as per criteria of IIA. There are number of benefits of getting CIA certification however among them increased salary, professional reputation and enhanced career growth are just few to mention.

CIA 3 Part Exam Format
Part Title Exam Length Number of Questions
1 Internal Audit Basics 2.5 hrs 125 MCQs
2 Internal Audit Practice 2 hrs 100 MCQs
3 Internal Audit Knowledge Elements 2 hrs 100 MCQs

The total exam is 6.5 hours of testing (plus 5 minutes per part for a survey). It is divided into
three parts as follows:
Part 1 – Internal Audit Basics
Part 2 – Internal Audit Practice
Part 3 – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements
Part 1 consists of 125 questions and lasts for 2.5 hours, while Parts 2 and 3 each contain 100 questions and last for 2 hours. All CIA questions are multiple-choice. The exam is offered continually throughout the year.

CIA Course Exam Syllabus

Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) publishes exam syllabus to outline topics covered on each part of the CIA exam. Latest Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) course exam syllabus is as follows:

Part 1: Internal Audit Basics

I. Mandatory Guidance 40%
II. Internal Control/Risk 30%
III. Conducting Internal Audit Engagements – Audit Tools and Techniques 30%

Part 3: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements

I. Governance/Business Ethics 10%
II. Risk Management 15%
III. Organizational Structure/Business
Processes and Risks 20%
IV. Communication 7.5%
V. Management/Leadership Principles 15%
VI. IT/Business Continuity 20%
VII. Financial Management 15%
VIII. Global Business Environment 5%

Part 2: Internal Audit Practice

I. Managing the Internal Audit Function 45%
II. Managing Individual Engagements 45%
III. Fraud Risks and Controls 10%

CIA Certification Exam Dates & Exam Location

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam is offered continually throughout the year which means there are no predetermined testing windows or black-out dates.
Examinations are administered by computer at hundreds of Pearson VUE testing centers across the World including UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi). You can contact us for
CIA Exam Registration guidance.

CIA Certification Eligibility Criteria

In order to become eligible for CIA Certification following three criterion in “Education”, “Character” and “Work Experience” are required to be fulfilled:

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree
Note: Those without a degree can be approved if they have:
•Two years post-secondary education and five years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent, OR
•Seven years’ verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent

Character reference

CIA candidates must exhibit high moral and professional character

Work experience

Candidates are required to have
•24 months of internal auditing experience (or the equivalent) prior to receiving the CIA certificate.
•A master’s degree can substitute for 12 of the 24 months.
Note: A candidate may sit for the exam before completing the work experience requirements, but (s)he will not be certified until the experience requirement is met.

What Score Do You Need To Pass The CIA Exam?

The CIA exam is graded based on “scaled scoring.“ Which means each question is scored and after that converted to reporting scale of 250 to 750 points. A scaled score of 600 points or higher is required to pass the CIA exam. There is no specific number of questions which are required to be answered correctly in order to pass examination. The exact number of correct answers required to pass the exam may vary from one exam to another.

For a passing exam, the score report will only show a passing designation. It will not show a score. For a failing exam, the score report will show a scaled score between 250 and 599. In addition, diagnostic information detailing the section(s) in which the candidate needs improvement is provided. This information will assist the candidate with future exam preparation.

Benefits of Doing CIA Certification in UAE

    • Only globally recognized certification for internal auditors.
    • First exam administered in August 1974 (first certificates issued 1973).
    • More than 122,000 have earned the certification.
    • Gain instant professional credibility within your organization.
    • By certifying CIA you can earn 30% – 40% more salary and benefits.
    • According to recent survey CIA certified are more confident in securing job

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