Certified Internal Auditor

CIA Syllabus Change

  • CIA exam syllabus is changing from January – 2019.
  • After the change CIA Part 1 and CIA Part 2 syllabus will double.
  • Don’t take a chance. Study and pass CIA exam within 2018.
  • For information: Call: 0556794618 Email: [email protected]

Live CIA Classes in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Apex Professional Training Institute offers CIA training classes and study material. Study CIA from best institute and ensure your success in first attempt. We offer weekend and weekday classes. Both morning and evening classes are available. Did you already appeared in CIA exams but failed to pass? Special exam practice classes are available for second attempt students.

What is CIA Certification?

CIA is an American Certification awarded by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)-USA. It is the gold standard, globally recognized certification for those who wants to build their career in Audit field.

What is CIA Eligibility

CIA candidates must hold a 3- or 4-year post-secondary degree (or higher).
Candidates may now become eligible for the CIA, who possess:
1) Two years post-secondary education and five years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent, OR
2) Seven years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent.

CIA Course Details – 2017

Part – I Part – II Part – III
Course Outline
I. Mandatory Guidance (35-45%)
II. Internal Control / Risk (25-35%)
III. Conducting Internal Audit Engagements – Audit Tools and Techniques (25-35%)
I. Managing the Internal Audit Function (40-50%)
II. Managing Individual Engagements (40-50%)
III. Fraud Risks and Controls (5-15%)
I. Governance / Business Ethics (5-15%)
II. Risk Management (10-20%)
III. Organizational Structure/Business Processes and Risks (15-25%)
IV. Communication (5-10%)
V. Management / Leadership Principles (10-20%)
VI. IT / Business Continuity (15-25%)
VII. Financial Management (10-20%)
VIII. Global Business Environment (0-10%)
Exam Format
125 MCQs 100 MCQs 100 MCQs
Length of Exam
2.5 Hours (150 minutes) 2.0 Hours (120 minutes) 2.0 Hours (120 minutes)
Exam Passing Score All the raw scores are converted into a reporting scale of 250 to 750 points. The passing score is 600 for all three parts of the exam.
Eligibility CIA candidates must hold a 3- or 4-year post-secondary degree (or higher).OR Two years post-secondary education and five years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent, OR Seven years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent.
Exam Location Exams are administered through the worldwide network of Prometric Testing Centers. There are many locations throughout the U.S. UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) and internationally.
Exam Dates CIA exams are offered throughout the year.

Having Questions In Your Mind Keep Reading

Which study material do we use?
Apex Professional Training Institute is an Authorized Partner of Gleim Publications. Study Material will comprise of following: • Books Part 1, 2 & 3 • CIA Part 1 Mega Test Bank • CIA Part 2 Mega Test Bank • CIA Part 3 Mega Test Bank
How do I register for exam?
To register for your CMA exam, all you need to do is follow these six simple steps:

  • Join the IIA
  • Pay the entrance fee
  • Register and pay exam fee
  • Registration acknowledgement
  • Schedule your exam
  • Take the exam
CIA I reschedule my CIA exam?
Yes, it is possible. Contact Us to get more info.
Can I retake CIA Exam?
There is no limit on retaking CIA examination. However examination fee needs to be paid every time.
CIA exam fee?
IIA UAE Chapter membership fee: AED360, Application fee $ 100, CIA Exam Fee :Part 1 exam fee: $250 , Part 2 exam fee: $200, Part 3 exam fee: $200.

Contact us to info about promotional offer.

CIA passing score?
A scaled score of 600 points or higher is required to pass the CIA exam. A candidate would need to answer 75% of the questions correctly on an exam with a difficulty equal to what the Board of Regents deems appropriate.

Study Options Available



 CIA Training Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Weekend and weekday / Morning & evening batches are available Qualified tutors Exam style questions thoroughly solved in class.


Best CIA training institute for One to Once classes Ideal for those who cannot commit to fixed class timings. Lectures are planned according to your own schedule.


• Suitable for high executives and corporate clients • CIA training and exam preparation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi • Exam focused class lectures


Ideal for corporate clients who wants to upgrade their staff. CIA classes at your own location and time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

CIA Study Material

“Authorized Reseller” of Gleim Publication

  • Gleim Content – 2017 Edition
  • 3,500+ Multiple Choice Question Test Bank
  • Numerous Simulation Questions Test Bank
  • Exam Practice and Study Sessions
  • Performance Analysis
  • Purchase Gleim CIA Per Part AED 525

Why You Should Choose Apex Professional Training Institute

  • Interactive teaching methodology is used for focused and accurate knowledge
  • Extensive emphasis on exam practice sessions which enable candidates to develop necessary skills required to pass exam in first attempt.
  • Individual home assignments are provided to students for better preparation of real examinations.
  • Class discussions & participation are integral part of lectures so as students comprehend difficult concepts with examples.
  • Regular class test sessions are taken so that students can judge their performance.
  • Full compliance with international learning and development standards and guidelines for preparation and study methodology.

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