Why chose CMA? 5 little known benefits of certifying CMA in UAE

by CMA Knowledge Base

 1. Higher Salary: CMA vs non-CMA

There are a lot of CMA benefits. According to latest IMA salary survey, CMAs enjoy higher salary and benefits as compared to non-CMAs. On average CMAs earn more than $80,000 annually including bonuses, benefits and other compensations. Most importantly salary increment for CMAs is growing ever year. UAE, among other Gulf countries, is one of the most lucrative destination for CMA certified professionals.

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As per data available CMAs annual salary increment is 20%-40% as compared to non-CMAs which is 5%-10%.

CMA Salary Survey - 2016

2. Get Dream Position in Your Dream Company in UAE

I suggest grab a pen a paper and write down following:

  • 3 dream companies you want to get job, and
  • 3 dream positions with the company

Let me guess your dream companies and dream position. I bet you may be looking for best companies and positions in UAE to advance your career:

If you are looking for job in any of the company at competitive salary package then CMA is highly recommended certification for you.

3. Value of CMA in UAE

The best way to access the value of any professional certification is to check its market demand. Now the question is how to check the market demand. The answer is quite simple: Do some research and check out online recruiting sites like, monster.com, indeed.com, bayt.com. If you find plenty of jobs under keyword “Certified Management Accountant” or “CMA” than go ahead with it. After doing some search you can find below results showing value of CMA in UAE job market:

bayt salary survery




Today CMA designation is one of the most in demand certification in UAE. Either you are looking for enhancing your career or finding new jobs, CMA certification is best suitable for both.

When asked whether the CMA designation “creates career opportunities for me,” 83% agree; 87% agree that the CMA “strengthens my ability to move across all areas of business”; and 73% said that their CMA certification strengthens their position in salary negotiations.

Due to this fact 98% of non-CMA respondents in the UAE plan to pursue the designation in coming future (They should better start at earliest).

4. Job Security in UAE Market

We can deny it!!! We can ignore it!!! But we have to admit harsh reality that UAE’s job market is quite volatile. In the backdrops of falling oil prices and slow growth of real estate sector coupled with less than expected Government spending on infrastructure, more and more residents in UAE are concerned about losing their job. In a recent survey conducted by GulfNews thirty (30%) of respondents fear of losing job in next 1 year. This alarming….

So what should you do about that? One option is doing nothing and fell yourself pray of circumstances… which of course is not a wise option to choose. So another option is to do something about it. The best way to avoid job insecurity is to get professional certification. There are bunch of accounting certification which definitely help you a lot in securing your job. CMA among them is relativity easy and cost effective certification to select.

5. CMA is not only for Accountants

There is common misconception that CMA is only meant for accountants and finance professionals. Well!!! This is true but fact of the matter is there are many examples where people choose CMA to shift their career from non-accounting or non-finance related jobs to accounts and finance related jobs. Anyone having simple graduation can do and become CMA. So if you are looking for career change or feel yourself stuck in rat race then this time for you to go for CMA certification. You won’t regret your decision in future.



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