CMA Best Practices: How to Make Right Decision?

by CMA Knowledge Base

It is important that before making any final decision consider some CMA best practices. If you are not among lucky few who exactly know which certification is best for them… this is a MUST read.

Life is full of choices… Same goes with the professional accountancy certifications as well. There are whole bunch of accountancy certifications available to choose from. Most of the students have little or no idea which certification is best for them. A vast majority of students just follow the path of their friends, colleagues or senior. While others do Google search and found some outdated websites to get info about certifications. If you visit 10 of these websites you will find same copy pasted info. Some students call different training institutions to have relevant knowledge from non-qualified sales person.

Let’s summarize it below and why you should stop doing it and start following CMA best practices:

Which accountancy certification should I choose? Why You Should Not Trust?
Option # 1: Ask friends and colleagues Bad option to start with… each individual’s job responsibilities and aptitude is different.  Most of the time friends and colleagues will only recommend certification in which they themselves appear or have info about it. There are dozens of certifications and it is highly unlikely the know everything about each certification.
Option # 2: Google Search and Visit Websites of Training Providers First of all the info provided on many training websites about any certification is generic one. This means that it is just copy paste from other websites. By visiting those websites you may get familiar with very basic info but real question: which certification is best for ME? Is never answered. Be aware!!! Many such websites are outdated as well.
Option # 3: Call Different Training Institutes Not to effective option… Why? Answer is simple: your call is attended by a non-certified sales person. That person might know basic info but if you ask him any advice… the answer will be crap!!! This is because non-qualified person does not have ANY idea what that certification is all about. Please tell me when last you went to non-qualified doctor? Sounds crazy? Don’t ask advice from non-qualified person.

While deciding about CMA you many came across other accountancy related certification as well.

CMA Best Practices

So you might be wondering which way is better?

Well, the answer is pretty much simple if you are clear about few things. We call them BPCA 🙂

Budget $$$ – Opt for CMA if you have budgetary constraints. Other certifications are relatively more expensive. Well, the answer is pretty much simple if you are clear about few things.

Time Constraint – CMA can be finished less time as compared to other certifications.

Previous educational background – If you have credit hour deficiency or due other reason you cannot go for CPA – US than CMA is best alternative.

Current job responsibilities – If you are working in accounts, finance, audit, treasury and operations department or related to any such division in your organization then CMA is best suitable.

Aptitude – Those students who have strong interest towards accountancy and business related courses tend to pass CMA relatively more easily.

The above list can vary from person to person however it can provide you good starting point.



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