CMA Exam Fees Schedule

US Dollars Dirhams
IMA Membership Fee $245 AED 900
CMA Entrance Fee $250 AED 920
CMA Part 1 Exam Fee $415 AED 1,525
CMA Part 2 Exam Fee $415 AED 1,525
Total $1,350 AED 4,870

IMA Membership Fee – Professional Membership

The IMA membership is valid for one year. Upon expiry it is required to be renewed. There are multiple types of IMA memberships e.g. student, academic, and professional. In UAE majority of the CMA students are working professionals therefore IMA Professional Membership Fee option is applicable to them. Fee mentioned in above table is IMA Professional Membership Fee.

CMA Entrance Fee

CMA entrance fee is required to be paid only one time during your CMA journey. This fee will enable CMA aspirants in UAE to take part in the CMA US certification. CMA entrance fee vary from type of membership. Majority of new CMA students opt for professional membership. Therefore fee mentioned in above table is for IMA professional members.

CMA Exam Fees

CMA exam fees $415 per part will be paid every time you want to give exam. This means if a student fails then he/she will pay $415 again to reappear in next exam window.

IMA used to offer promotions and discounts during certain months. Please contact us for more information.

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