CMA Exam Multiple-choice Questions

by CMA Knowledge Base

Essay Scenario Screen

Clicking Essay Scenario will open in a separate screen, to the left of the screen displaying the Answer Box indicating following:

  1. Zoom: For zoom in and zoom out.
  2. Navigate: Move next page or previous page.
  3. Scroll: Scroll up and down.
  4. Grab: Click and activate grab function to move essay question using mouse.
  5. View Page Thumbnails: Activate thumbnails of all pages of the essay scenario.
  6. View Table of Contents: Open links to the Essay Scenario as well as all of the Time Value Tables.

CMA Essay Question Tips & Techniques

There can be two types of questions within essay section of CMA exam.

  • Calculation Type Questions
  • Written Response Question
  • Read the scenario carefully.
  • Read the question and requirements related to scenario.
  • Outline the answer and related information on a piece of scratch paper.
  • For calculation type questions, show your working step by step.
  • For written response questions be specific and to the point.
  • Use bullet points where ever necessary.
  • Do not spend too much time in formatting.
  • Answer all the question before expiry of time.

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