In order to understand “CMA Passing Score” first lets discuss CMA exam pattern. CMA exam in divided into two portions. MCQs and Essay Type Question. MCQs will comprise of 75% of the exam while Essay Type Question will be 25%. There is common misconception that each MCQ carry equal marks. This is not true. CMA exams are graded on a scale from 0 to 500 and you will need a score of at least 360 on order to pass each CMA exam. May you are wondering why is it so!!! The answer is quite simple: each CMA question is allocated a specific score while taken into consideration its relative difficulty. So in simple terms: easy questions carry less marks, difficult questions carry more marks.

CMA scores are not received immediately after finishing exam. This is due to Essay Type of Question which are marked by the subject matter specialists manually. The scores of MCQs are then added to Essay Type of Question to get weighted average score for determining pass/fail status. At least 50% score in MCQs is MUST in order to reach Essay Type of Question. If you score less than 50% in MCQs, this mean “Better Luck Next Time!!!”

CMA Passing Score & CMA Exam Score Card

Below is “CMA Exam Score Card” of one of our student:



You will receive result notification email shortly after announcement CMA – US result by IMA. However, you can also check your result online by visiting IMA Official Website.

How to check CMA – IMA result online?

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