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Why So Special To Get CMA Certification In UAE?

For more then 4 decades Certified Management accountant (CMA), awarded by IMA – USA, has been gold standard for management accountants, financial accountants and finance professionals. Most accountants focus on what are the numbers, CMA explain why behind numbers. CMA are considered credible, earn much higher and secure high management positions. Learn more to know about special benefits of getting CMA Certification in UAE.

What sets APEX apart from competition?

We all have our ‘sweet spot’ and things that set us apart from the competition. Of course, in some ways we’re similar to the competition yet there are many things that set us apart from the competition. Below is shortlist of what we think are the most important things that set us apart.

100+ Hours

Devil is always in the details.

  • We provide 100+ hours of comprehensive Full CMA training.
  • Unlike other competitors our lectures are not review sessions.

All Round Approach

We believe that only taking lectures not enough. Our comprehensive approach comprise of:

  • Study Sessions
  • Exam Practice
  • Review Sessions
  • Mock Exams

Practice Practice Practice

Our trainers will help you to practice with largest question bank.

  • 2600+ MCQs
  • 100+ Essay Question
  • Past question of IMA
  • Full analysis of MCQs
  • Trainer Marked Essay Questions

Learning Management System - LMS

Each and every study material has its own drawbacks. So we devised our own LMS 🙂

  • Fully customized LMS
  • Unlimited access
  • 100% online
  • Complete & Updated

Qualified & Experienced Trainers

Part-time and/or inexperienced trainers is not APEX policy. This does not come cheap though 🙂

  • Trainer experience: 15+ years
  • 3 Professional qualification
  • Highest success rate

Topic-wise Videos

We provide APEX video lectures:

  • Presented in a clear, simple way to help you learn quickly and easily
  • Revisit the areas of the syllabus that you find most challenging

Trainer Support

APEX provide special doubt clearing session apart from regular class to clear your doubts:

  • Full-time trainer means better support
  • LMS provide online option to interact with trainer

Ideal for Working Professionals

Are you working professional and concerned about study / work / job related responsibilities? Worry not…

  • Training classes are designed for working professionals
  • Study more in class, less at home

CMA Certification Information – To The Point

CMA Certification is ideal blend of management accountancy, planning, control, and financial decision making. CMA Certification is intelligently designed to give immediate boost to your career specially for students in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

CMA Certification Outline

CMA Part – 1 mainly targets management accounting, forecasting, budgeting & variance analysis. CMA Part – 2 mainly targets interpretation of financial statements and corporate finance.

CMA Part – 1

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

CMA Part – 2

Strategic Financial Management

CMA Knowledge Base

You might be interested in getting to know which CMA Part is easier to attempt first. Some of you might need detailed Content Specification Outline (Syllabus) of CMA for UAE students. Here goes another one related to CMA syllabus.

Length of Exams

Getting to know about length of exam is vital in order to prepare well for exams.

Just like CMA exam is divided into two sections, length of exam is also divided into two portions (total 4 hours):

  • 100 MCQs to be solved with in 3 hours
  • 2 Essay Questions to be solved within 1 hour

Exam Passing Score

At the end of the day its all about passing CMA Certification exams.

The raw score is converted to a uniform scoring system of 0 – 500, and 360 being the passing mark. To put in simple words: total marks 500, marks needed to pass: 360

Exam Format

Its all about passing CMA Certification exams. Here we explain what is CMA Part 1 and Part 2 exam pattern.

Each CMA exam is divided into two sections:

  • 100 MCQs (question having four options with one option being correct)
  • 2 Essay Questions (scenario based questions with no choices. Each essay question can be sub-divided into sections

Eligibility Requirements

Who can do CMA Certification in UAE is a valid question? Answer is simple and straight forward.

Anyone who has completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or pursuing his/her degree is eligible to sit for the CMA Exam. Some questions frequently asked by students in UAE regarding CMA exam eligibility. We are sure you want to read them.

Exam Location

CMA Certification exams are held at dedicated exam centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Exams are administered through the worldwide network of Prometric Testing Centers. Some of you might be already aware about Prometric Testing Center but majority do not. To put is simply: Prometric Testing Centers are independent exam centers to take CMA Certifcation exams. These centers are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Exam Dates

CMA Certification exams are conducted 3 times in a year in dedicated exam centers located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

CMA Certification exams are offered 3 times in a year during following months (called exam windows):

Questions Asked by CMA Certification Students in UAE

APEX has compiled some frequently asked questions specially for students in UAE. These questions comprise of topics related to eligibility, exam and fee.
Question: I am ACCA qualified but do not have Bachelor’s degree. Can I do CMA?Answer: Yes, ACCA members are also eligible for pursuing CMA Certification. Question: My Bachelor’s degree is in progress. Can I do CMA Certification? Answer: Yes, you can study, appear and pass CMA exams without Bachelor’s degree. However, to get CMA certificate you must have Bachelor’s degree. Question: I have Bachelor’s degree but no accounting background. Can I do CMA Certification? Answer: Accounting background is helpful but not required. APEX pass students are from engineering, business administration, economics, and finance fields. Question: CMA exam registration deadline? Answer: To ensure your preferred choice of date, time and location, it’s better schedule your appointment at least two weeks in advance of the testing window you plan to sit for. You can read this blog post for CMA Exam Dates.
Question: When can I take CMA exam? Answer: CMA exam are offered 3 times in a year during specified periods, called exam windows. You can book exam during these time periods.

  1. 1st exam window open 01- January close 28 – February
  2. 2nd exam window open 01- May close 30 – June
  3. 3rd exam window open 01- September close 31 – October

Question: How do I register for exam? Answer: To register for your CMA exam, all you need to do is follow these six simple steps:

  • Join the IMA
  • Pay the entrance fee
  • Register and pay exam fee
  • Registration acknowledgement
  • Schedule your exam
  • Take the exam

CMA Training Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Class Timings: (Abu Dhabi) Every Saturday – 7:00 evening        —         (Dubai) Every Friday: 3:00 PM

# of classes: 20

Class Duration: 3 Hours

Study Material: Gleim+APEX more info

Success Ratio: highest in the market with our customized training methodology

Discount available: yes, contact us to know more

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Ways To Study CMA Certification – Designed for Working Professionals in UAE

Professional qualifications studies are not one size fit for all. APEX offers different study options for CMA Certifications. Choose which option best suits you.

Campus Training

CMA Training Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Weekend and weekday / Morning & evening batches are available Qualified tutors Exam style questions thoroughly solved in class.

One to One Training

Best CMA training institute for One to Once classes Ideal for those who cannot commit to fixed class timings. Lectures are planned according to your own schedule.

Fast Track Training

Best Suitable for high executives and corporate clients CMA training and exam preparation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Exam focused class lectures

Corporate In House Training

Ideal for corporate clients who wants to upgrade their staff. CMA classes at your own location and time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

CMA Vs Other Professional Certifications

Multiple options = confusion; APEX editorial team has compiled comparisons of different certification specially for students in UAE.

This comparison is between two heavy weights. Both of them have their own league. Click to read comparison.

This one is classic. Both are best in theirs fields. Clicking on link below will highlight  the difference between the two.

Office Locations

Abu Dhabi Campus

Level – III Abdullah Darwish Building Near Al Masraf Bank – Head Office Corner of Hamdan & Salam Street Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Dubai Campus

48 Burj Gate Tower, Downtown –  Near Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station – Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai – UAE

Masdar City Campus

Level – I Incubator Building Near Siemens Head office Masdar City Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
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