Which Section Of The CPA Exam Should I Take First?

A lot of people ask which CPA exam section they should take first. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy decision.

  • First and foremost, students need to understand the each section regarding the CPA course.
  • Each person is different and is better in some subjects and worse in others. Therefore, it will be wrong to tell everyone to decide and take exam in a same way like others do.
  • Instead, it totally depends on candidates in what and which section they are good.

Hardest section is the first Myth

  • Many experts recommend appearing the toughest exam first. The reason behind this is psychological thinking as they think if you write the hardest exam first, you will build your confidence to write other sections.
  • The fact is this way you are taking the risk of appearing the same section again.
  • Aside from the possibility of retaking the exam you struggle with the most, it can also be demoralizing to fail your first section out of the gate.
  • Each section is going to be challenging and require you to be disciplined.

Sit for your strongest exam first

  • None of the section is easy but some are less difficult than others.
  • You should appear the section in which you are confident and performed best in college or during your training classes.
  • Choosing your strongest section not only develop confidence but also motivate you to take another step for the other section.

Best strategy

  • Plan your time and schedule.
  • Anyone can pass the exam but you need to be focused and work hard for your exam.
  • Do not make this test harder by increasing your frustration level and drowning yourself.
  • Go with ease and give your best shot.


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