Step by Step Guide: How to Become Certified Internal Auditor

Step – 1 Get necessary information about Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) course

Get to know more about CIA course before starting certification. This initial knowledge pertains to how many exams in CIA course? what is CIA course exam format?, what is passing criteria?, where is exam location?

The total Certified Internal Audit (CIA) exam is 6.5 hours of testing and It is divided into three parts as follows:

Part 1 – Internal Audit Basics

Part 2 – Internal Audit Practice

Part 3 – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements

Part 1 consists of 125 questions and lasts for 2.5 hours, while Parts 2 and 3 each contain

100 questions and last for 2 hours. All CIA questions are multiple-choice-questions. The exam is offered continually throughout the year. Which means there is no specified date to register and appear in Certified Internal Audit (CIA) exam.

In the below table important information regarding Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is summarized:

CIA 3 Part Exam Format
Part Title Exam Length Number of Questions
1 Internal Audit Basics 2.5 hrs 125 MCQs
2 Internal Audit Practice 2 hrs 100 MCQs
3 Internal Audit Knowledge Elements 2 hrs 100 MCQs

Step – 2 Check Your Eligibility For Certified Internal Audit Exams

CIA candidates must hold a 3- or 4-year post-secondary degree (or higher).

For those who do not possess graduation degree can still be eligible on the basis on experience. In this regard subject to approval those candidates who possess:

Candidates may now become eligible for the CIA, subject to approval, who possess below experience can still be eligible to become Certified Internal Auditor subject to approval of experience:

Two years post-secondary education and five years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent, OR

Seven years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent.

Step – 3 Familiarize Yourself With CIA Exam Syllabus Outline

Part 1 – Internal Audit Basics

The CIA exam Part 1 topics tested include aspects of mandatory guidance from the IPPF; internal control and risk concepts; as well as tools and techniques for conducting internal audit engagements.

Part 2 – Internal Audit Practice

The CIA exam Part 2 topics tested include managing the internal audit function via the strategic and operational role of internal audit and establishing a risk-based plan; the steps to manage individual engagements (planning, supervision, communicating results, and monitoring outcomes); as well as fraud risks and controls.

Part 3 – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements

The CIA exam Part 3 topics tested include governance and business ethics; risk management; organizational structure, including business processes and risks; communication; management and leadership principles; information technology and business continuity; financial management; and the global business environment.