There are 2 different HR certifications:

1) PHRi (Professional in Human Resource international): it is designed for the HR professionals whose daily work includes HR operations such as recruiting, compensation, benefits and administration.

2) SPHRi (Senior Professional in Human Resource international): It is designed for senior level HR professionals who are involved in strategy and policy-making.

These two certifications are totally separate from each other and play different role in the growth and development of your career.

Advantages of certification:

  • It is recognition of professional achievement that sets you apart from those who have not attained this distinguish designation.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to your profession and your career.
  • It is also a way to test your knowledge as well as to test your performance.

Why certification is important

  • It is a career long commitment demonstrating to your peers and organization that you are dedicated in the ever- changing field of HR.
  • To maintain the credentials, certificants are required to re-certify their designation every 3 years through HR-Related activities.

How do I know which exam I should register?

  • Register for the exam that covers the responsibilities and knowledge that best describe your on-the-job experience.

Eligibility criteria is different for both certifications

  • For PHRi:
    • Min 1 year experience in HR with Masters or global equivalent,
    • Min 2 years experience in HR with Bachelors or global equivalent, or
    • Min 4 years experience in HR with Bachelors with less than a degree.
  • For SPHRi:
    • Min 4 years professional level experience in HR with Masters or global equivalent,
    • Min 5 years professional level experience in HR with Bachelors or global equivalent, or
    • Min 7 years professional level experience in HR with high degree.


Yes, you may hold both credentials simultaneously if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Value of Certification:

  • Certification can distinguish you as a professional in your field and boost your career options.
  • Employers look for certification because it demonstrates that you possess the desire to improve your abilities and have attained the requisite knowledge and experience in your field.
  • Both employers and colleagues understand that certification is a demonstration of your accomplishment and competence