Agent’s Role in Call Centers

Who should attend

  • Agents
  • Team Leaders

What you will learn

  • An overview of the call center from the viewpoints of the customer, the company and the agent
  • Basics of the three call center driving forces and the agent implications of the invisible queue
  • Fundamentals of call center management and how each individual in the call center affects the success of the operation
  • Key ways individual agents can have a positive impact on service to the customers and the work environment of their co-workers

Course Outline

Module 1 The Dynamic Contact Center

  • What is a contact center?
  • The Contact Center as the hub of communication
  • The customer’s perspective
  • The agent’s perspective
  • The organization’s perspective
  • Contact Center as a profession

Module 2 Driving Forces in a Contact Center

  • Workload arrival patterns
  • Invisible queues
  • Factors of customer tolerance

Module 3 The Planning and Management Process

  • What contact center management is
  • Choosing objectives
  • Collecting data
  • Forecasting workload
  • Calculating base staff
  • Calculating shrinkage
  • Creating schedules

Module 4 Key Individual Performance Objectives

  • Effective adherence to schedule
  • Quality monitoring considerations
  • Categories of metrics and agent impact on them
  • Summary of three areas of impact