Managing Difficult Customers

Who should attend

  • Agents
  • Team Leads

What you will learn

  • Three types of difficult customers and guidelines for handling each type.
  • How listening, asking good questions, empathizing, apologizing, controlling the call, and providing the solution help with difficult customers.
  • Five specific techniques that help manage difficult contacts.How to position yourself as competent and confident so that customers are less likely to escalate.
  • Avoiding word choices that are likely to cause escalations
  • What stress is all about, how to recognize and handle the customer’s stress, and how to manage your own stress.

Course Outline

Module 1 Difficult Customers

  • Three samples of difficult customers, along with characteristics of each
  • Guidelines for handling each type of difficult customer
  • Signs of an unhappy customer along with things to avoid with them and a roadmap for helping them

Module 2 Key Considerations

  • Listening actively
  • Paraphrasing
  • Open and closed questions with guidelines for use
  • What empathy is and it’s four attributes
  • Making effective apologies
  • What call control is and strategies for controlling the call
  • Guidelines for presenting a solution

Module 3 Techniques that Help

  • Taking care of the issue, even when it is hard
  • Negotiating
  • When and how to educate the customer
  • Reframing the “no”
  • H.E.L.P.

Module 4 Avoiding Escalations

  • Three reasons why customers escalate
  • Word choices that cause escalations
  • Positioning yourself to avoid escalations
  • Responding to immediate requests for escalations

Module 5 Managing Stress

  • Defining stress and how it can help
  • Six myths about stress
  • Top 10 workplace stressors
  • Clues to the customer’s stress
  • Strategies for defusing the customer’s stress
  • 5 vital skills for managing your own stress
  • How choice impacts stress